The best drink ever invented ;D second greatest invention next to the arcade.
a pre-made tea in a 20oz bottle that has a nice bit of lemon added to it =) go to your local gas station, or circle-k, and buy
"man, I need my nestea fix, lets go to the stop 'n shop, and buy a few cases of it."
by Xeb September 14, 2003
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Having excessive amounts of lemon, it is the worst attempt at sweet tea ever.
Why can't they make nestea without the lemon flavor?!!
by Subcool August 3, 2009
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"Nestea Peach" is peach flavored tea, but it sounds like "nasty bitch".
"I bet she drinks Nestea Peach.."
"Because she's a nasty bitch."
by bspice September 8, 2009
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a nasty lame, lop, pud, or dumbass. Pronounced as its spelled but with a drunk pimp slur.
Listen here ya little nestea beitch, dont make me slap you.
by ibibibibibibibibibib February 2, 2009
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Its an ionic Nestea commercial run in the 1980's and early 1990's where the actors drink Nestea drink. As the person begins to drink the tea they begin to experience a new reality, the ground around them turns into water. They are refreshed, full of both joy and tea, and begin to fall straight backwards into the water. This display of energy and emotion creates a desire for the fun-filled free fall. People nationwide reenacted the Nestea Plunge by falling backwards from a waters edge.
The Nestea Plunge is simply falling backwards into a pool.
by 1982 January 29, 2012
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When you want to get Fruitopia, but you accidentally press Nestea on the vending machine. Can apply to many different things, such as making a right when you were thinking of making a left, or circling answer B) when you were thinking of answer C.
Person A: Be right back, going to get a Fruitopia
*2 minutes later*
Person B: I thought you wanted a Fruitopia, that's a Nestea.
Person A: I was thinking Fruitopia but pressed Nestea. It's the Nestea Effect.
by jtam101 December 6, 2008
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When a the guy pees into the girls vagina and then fists it
by shmu92 May 15, 2009
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