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Refers to Jennette McCurdy. Best known for her role as Sam Puckett from iCarly and now a country singer.

Started when one of her fans, Cary Klein called her a NerdQueen and Jennette liked the reference. Brian Kimskey helped trend it.

Usually found on twitter with a hashtag.
All Hail the Nerd Queen!
All Hail the #nerdqueen @jennettemccurdy!
by mh72212 January 04, 2011
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A woman possessing superior knowledge of subjects nerdy and intellectual, to the point that she becomes dominant to the nerds around her. Can be intensified by her physical beauty, but not defined by it.
She can quote Chomsky and Star Trek with more precision than anyone, so there is no way I'm going to win a chess match against that nerdqueen. She may as well show up in thigh-high boots and a catsuit so I can at least claim visual distraction as my excuse.
by marky lune February 17, 2008
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The one designated female in a gaming or similarly nerdy group. She is a rare breed and documented cases of contact have been few and far between.
"I heard the D&D group that plays on campus just got a Nerd Queen!" ~Random Guy
"Seriously? Is she hot or a total troll?" ~Random Slightly Nerdy Other Guy
by Kalystaa February 28, 2008
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a good looking girl that only hangsout with plain looking or ugly guys or guys that are way younger than her.
She's just a nerdqueen. She won't ever go out with Jason.
by MikeJeff January 27, 2007
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