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Actress and singer best known for her role as Sam Puckett on iCarly. Unlike her co-star counterpart that gets all the singing roles, she can actually sing and performs amazing acoustic songs, and doesn't come off as a complete annoyance when she acts. She's one of those rare case nick stars that will probably lead a successful career in either profession.

She's had lesser roles in other TV series, such as roles in Malcom in the Middle and Law and Order: SVU.
Lloyd: Yo George, Jennette McCurdy is coming to the studio to do some recordings. Got everything ready?

George: Nah, still cleaning up all the equipment from 2 days ago. This place was a mess, had almost every autotune and synthesizer we had in here.

Lloyd: Wow, it's taken you 2 days to--

George: Dude, remember? Miranda Cosgrove was recording.

Lloyd: Ah, right.
by Mai Valentine December 13, 2010
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American Teen Actress, Singer and Dancer. She is very pretty and has long blonde curly hair and deep blue eyes. She has starred in iCarly, Malcom In The middle, Zoey 101 and many more shows and films. She is 18 years old. She has had 2 singles and an album out and her voice is great. She works alongside Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly. There is controversy over which girl is the best, but that si wrong and should not be done. Jennette makes you want to live your entire life for music and acting. She makes you appreciate what you have, her song lyrics are amazing.
OMG! Did you see the enw iCarly episode? Jennette McCurdy was awesome in it!
by AnzoTheBananzo August 31, 2010
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