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Refers to Jennette McCurdy. Best known for her role as Sam Puckett from iCarly and now a country singer.

Started when one of her fans, Cary Klein called her a NerdQueen and Jennette liked the reference. Brian Kimskey helped trend it.

Usually found on twitter with a hashtag.
All Hail the Nerd Queen!
All Hail the #nerdqueen @jennettemccurdy!
by mh72212 January 04, 2011

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Mccurdian is a person that is a fan of Jennette McCurdy. She's best known for her role on a Nick show iCarly. She also is a country singer. Though many other terms exist that refer to her fans, 'mccurdian' is a widely accepted term and is used by several different magazines and blogs.
My niece is a mccurdian.
by mh72212 September 14, 2011

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The 2nd highest paid teen actress as of 2010. Best known for her role as Carly in #1 rated 'tween' show iCarly. Her rise to fame started in another show made by the same producer called Drake & Josh. Both were Nickelodeon. Much of her talent is less appreciated by some people but majority of people find her performance up to par. Her rating is the proof of that. She has launched a POP singing career.
Did you go to Miranda Cosgrove concert the other day?
by mh72212 January 04, 2011

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