The best person in the world, is Aesop. He is kind and endearing. Quiet but funny. He's awkward at times but always knows how to make someone laugh! He's not very confident and finds it difficult to take compliments.
Person 1 "You know Aesop?"

Person 2 "Yeah, why?"

Person 1 "You are so lucky."
by Greensnake__ December 11, 2021
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A poorly executed handshake, in which one or both of the hands involved are limp while shaking. Apparently it makes the sound ay-sop when they meet. It originates in Southern Wales, it is also said in places where Welsh would migrate. However it is a very rare saying nowadays. So expect weird looks if you make use of the phrase.
"Well doctor we really blundered that handshake. Twas a real aesop."
by PlatinumSun November 14, 2020
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Aesop is actually on tiktok, they're Aesop, and Aesop is them
person 1: Do you know who Aesop Carl is?
person 2: Do you mean tiktok user Soap?
by December 15, 2020
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Background: Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with more than 600 fables now collectively known as Aesop's Fables
1. His list of achievements is AESOP! Can't believe he got so many accolades at such a young age
2. Your github profile should be AESOP! Not a couple of half-baked projects!
by HackDude August 29, 2020
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A dope underground hip hop artist. People often pass his music off as whatevs simply because they hear it but they aren't really listening. Most of his songs tell incredible stories and have deep meanings that most kids just wrap their minds around so they go back to listening to Chris Brown and Drake.
"If the Jesus piece around your neck is bigger than your pistol, it makes homicide okey-dokey and your God will forgive you. Just tell the saints at heavens gate, you should be on the list. I hear he over looks manslaughter for a tattooed crucifix"
"Babies with guns"
Aesop Rock

"isnt it strange how its a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason u liked em was cuz there shit wasnt recycled" -Aesop Rock "Frijoles"

"all i ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way" - Aesop Rock "daylight"
by astropuff October 21, 2011
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A gray-haired man seen as very attractive and to die for. Age of 21, monotonous embalmer attire, and a voice of low tone, though soft with no magneticity.
Rumor: "Life's journey always ends in a similar way, and, in most people's dreams Aesop Carl is the person who helps them with their final journey. He strictly adheres to procedure and gives the greatest respect for those travelers who have come to their final stop."
He is seen as persistent, professional, and curious. He also finds comfort being with the deceased instead of living organisms. A survivor with the ability to rebirth characters into a coffin once they are on the rocket chair, though unusable once the person has been on the chair for the third time, he hasn't recorded their appearance, they have lost mobility, or are on a balloon.
It seems most of the Identity V fandom simps for him°
Person A: Who is the last survivor?

Person B: An Aesop Carl.
by wįšt°° November 2, 2020
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