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(N). A nude selfie. A photograph taken by yourself and posted on social media, of yourself, naked. Considered by some folk to be the lowest denominator of vanity in the Social Media Age.

See also: "selfie" (self photo) and "belfie" (bum selfie).
"Celebrity X posted a nelfie on Twitter. Not a stitch to be seen!"
by ZZJJ January 03, 2014
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A bit similar to a selfie... but of your private parts.
"Have you seen amy sherberts new selfie? "
"Na fam but she sent me a NELFIE with her gammon flaps a swinging!"
by Barbaraaaaraaa June 30, 2017
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Name is a portmanteau from 2 other nicknames and was create over 2 decades ago. Doesn't have any affiliation whatsoever with "Selfie's of the nude kind.

Originates from 'Night elf' mixed with Frozie, ending up becoming Nelfie as that was the main race I played in world of warcraft back in vanilla.

The name has been mine ever since, on the majority of the internet this is me, any deviations are stolen.
Person1: That Nelfie guy sure is awesome
Person2: Right?
Person2: I wish I could be like him.
by Nelfie September 26, 2019
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Neck selfie. A photo taken of oneself, usually with a smartphone, where the neck is the primary feature of the picture. Often labelled with a hashtag (#) on social media website or mobile applications.
Rick snapchatted me a nelfie last night, it was all beard!
by NotKaren May 11, 2014
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