A type of beer pong re-rack using 4 cups and forming a horizontal diamond (not to be confused with the classic vertical diamond). Two of the cups will touch vertically and the other two will be placed on the top center and bottom center respectively.

When re-rack is called it is customary (but not necessary) to take out a mobile device and play a Neil Diamond song of choice, and win the game before the song is out.
Kev: "Yo dude four cups left. Neil or regular diamond?"

Bart: "Neil."

Kev: "Yo, can we get a neil diamond per favor."

Bart: Pulls out phone. "Coming to America?"

Kev: "You bet."
by BeerPongOfficialRules November 17, 2012
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A singer who was tampled to death at a recent Paul Simon concert. Later, Weird Al wrote a parody of the tragedy.
I've got neil diamond on the soles of my shoes.
by Alfie The Horndog April 23, 2008
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a man who has taken away womens breaths for years and years. he also happens to be a singer and songwriter.

he tends to sing R's.. tho and you shouldnt do that.
Oh mom, are you playing Neil Diamond again!
by meg April 15, 2005
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A slang name for cocaine done in a conspicuous place. Code word said so that not everyone knows what you are talking about. Usually done off of a CD cover.
Yo Bro...Lets hit up the back room and scope that Neil Diamond you were telling me about
by Deacon Dizzle October 26, 2007
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A pop singer/songwriter who had his 15 seconds of fame but whose career has now entered a downward spiral of kitschy, over the top, self parody. His slavish fans continue to attest to his awsomeness and are deserving of pity.
I can't believe Angie and Lloyd shelled out 75 bucks apiece for Neil Diamond tickets. What a pair of pathetic dweebs.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005
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The only performer that can get a group of any people on their feet and dancing. A musician never trained classically and still manages to write great music.
Neil Diamond's Hello Again and Sweet Caroline KICK MOTHA FUCKIN ASS!
by yo928 September 14, 2010
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NOUN. A middle-aged balding man wearing his shirt unbuttoned or wearing trendy clothes for younger men gyrating in nightclubs and generallly pretending (to himself) that he is still young and virile; middle-aged man trying to be sexy and hitting on women half his age because he thinks he's still very hot, middle-aged man often wealthy and recently divorced or seperated from his wife trying to get a hot young thing.
Ugh!! There were so many Neil Diamonds last night at that club...all flashing their american express cards and trying to dance!
by Banditqueen December 21, 2009
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