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A narcissistic father so determined to show his power over his child that he doesn't care about the physical, emotional or mental well being or said child. Someone who is willing to risk the life of his child to prove he is in charge.
Chase was unfortunately the victim of the ultimate nebus.
by savingchase May 25, 2015
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Human feces so sticky it cannot be removed from the anus by toilet paper, but rather only via a long thorough douche.
I was late to work due to the unexpected nebus I excreted after breakfast.
by Glow Worm May 25, 2015
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Nebus: "the exact opposite of fatherly instincts. Rather than protecting his child, a Nebus offers his child up to sexual predators and enjoys planning and watching the destruction of his children and their mother(s)"
The Nebus used his child as a means to hurt his former partner, separating the two and driving the mother to desperate actions to protect the child. The Nebus had no conscience or empathy.
by Lisa.Helen May 26, 2015
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The wriggling scum that lives on the underside of rocks. Hates the light of day. Most often found in Florida. The only creature known to man that despises and actively tries to harm its own offspring.
The Nebus emerged from under its rock to injure its offspring. Satisfied, it wriggled back.
by Kayne314 May 25, 2015
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1. The act of harming one's own child to spite the child's other parent.

"Harming your own child to spite your ex is a malicious act of nebus."

2. Cancer causing element.

"The spot on her lung was due to nebus."

3. Travesty of justice.
"When the serial rapist was released on a technicality, it was a horrendous nebus."
by Red Clover January 30, 2016
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