to act infantile and obstinate; to reject common sense in favor of self-interest regardless of consequences
"My, you are sure acting congressional today. Shame on you."
by Owens808 January 1, 2013
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By far the most exclusive and all white country club in the tri state area. All the moms play tennis at least 3 days a week, and the fathers play 18 holes of golf almost as frequently. The children are all in the preppiest and private schools around and spend every day of the summer when they are not sailing on their family's yacht in the Mediteranian, either playing golf, tennis, or swimming. The only cars that are under $50,000 belong to the help and seeing a famous face there is nothing new. Also, the sight of the U.S. Open in 1997 and former U.S. presidents are former country club presidents.
Member 1: "Wow, that was a great round of golf. I think I'll go swim a few laps and then eat at the Grill.
Member 2: "Oh, I would so join you, but I have to go down to Neiman's and pick up my Prada bag. They had to have it especially made so that it would match the interior of my BMW."
Member 1: "Wow! That's such a great idea! When I trade in my Bentley for a Mayback, I think I will so do the same thing!"
by Congressional Member March 29, 2005
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a belief system wherein human interaction and political structure drive a powerful populous against those in power leading to a lessened belief in God
Not sure whether they believed in God or not, the men discussed congressionalism referring to the people's political influence.
by afoundingfather January 29, 2011
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Congressional Country Club Swimming is back in 'A' there to stay... Whoot Whoot! Yah Congo one day we will go back to old times and BeAt Kenwood!
duh... Congo is the best... no doubt...
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Named after the democratic New Hampshire Congressman, Richard "Dick" Swett, having a case of the Congressional is when you have a large amount of dick sweat. This mainly happens in the summer months to men and some transvestites.
Frank: Man, I have a wicked case of the congressional.
Jim: A lot of dick sweat, huh?
Frank: Feels like a full session of congress down there.
Jim: Swamp Ass is a bitch.
by Nuts n Soup May 17, 2010
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The Congressional Calculator is much like Obamanomics, it's calculations that don't add up in the real world yet people buy into strictly based on the source of the info. The Congressional Calculator is used anytime things don't quite add up but fits the agenda du jour. It's like adding 2+2 and getting minus 4 billion.
"Great news! Government Healthcare just passed which should decrease the deficit by about 2 Trillion!!" "ah, I love the Congressional Calculator, I'm gonna go buy a new 'vette."
by dirtykurty September 8, 2010
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To exhibit symptoms of complete mental breakdown at work and get away with it. (A tribute to to Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ)) See: 'going postal' without the violence.
"Man, I was arguing with John Shaddegg about healthcare reform and he just started raving about gulags... the guy was totally going congressional"
by Redneck Liberal October 15, 2009
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