A hooligan, if you will. Someone who is a little shitty fucker, full of mischief.
That fucking ne'er-do-well did a donut on my lawn!
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2004
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a rogue, vagrant or vagabond without means of support; a good-for-nothing louse.
Owned at that time by Corellian smuggler, rogue and ultimate galactic hero Han Solo, she had previously belonged to fellow ne'er-do-well Lando Calrissian.
by mcglynnship September 10, 2018
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Ne'er Do Well Clowns sometimes find Ways to Convince Stupid People to believe that they're suddenly cogent, saying stuff like, "Yaw gonna get Free Everything, if you Vote for me !!!"
by "Mister REALITY" !!! February 12, 2020
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"I'd Honestly just hire someone who is competent rather than another (Neerdowell) Ne'er-do-well"
by Neerdowell January 8, 2023
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