An abbreviation for Nigger Cunt Blood, not to be confused with NCF (Nigger Cunt Fluid). NCB is unmatched in its utter nastiness and disease carrying capabilites. Not only is NCB one of the nastiest substances known to man, it is also one of the most deadly. R.I.P. Eazy E.
Person 1: Hey fag.
Person 2: Wow, what a clever and original insult.
Person 1: Yeah your mom is a clever and original insult...
Person 2: I hope you drown in a HIV infested pool of NCB, and then get revived, only to die a slow, and smelly, death by the millions of NCB acquired retroviruses that slowly destroy your immune system.
Person 1: (pwned)
Sally was out of milk so she used NCB in her cereal instead.
by Fredifurd2 March 21, 2008
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Abbreviation for "Not Clickbait"

Used when one sends an article to a recipient, and also wants to ensure the recipient of its legitimacy, especially in cases where the title of the artical may seem clickbaity, but, like, maybe it isn't, ya know?
"Hey dude, check out that article I tagged you in on facebook. NCB"

"Wow, now I know that I'm supposed to open and read this and treat it as a respectable article, and not assume that the title is not a gag meant to solicit a cheap thumbs up with no expectation of me reading the thing and giving thoughtful feedback! Thanks for the courtesy, friend!"

"Yeah of course! No one wants to read shit unless they absolutely have to."
by Groove Merchant June 28, 2018
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Nigger Chasing Bitch

A term usually used to describe asian girls that like to date black guys.
A couple consisting of a Black Guy and an Asian Girl.
kim:have you seen hana's boyfriend?
sara: yes he's black you know she's such a NCB
Kim: what??
sara:Nigger chasing Bitch!!}
by kristalicious January 25, 2011
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