Nationals is something oikawa and aoba johsai never went to.
Me: how was nationals oikawa? oikawa: shut up
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by chickentendousimp January 19, 2021
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Is someone who dedicated to making every challenge to be easy taken care of at a trifle.
National will face this challenge in no time.
by Nathey October 29, 2019
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Its National throw short people day😏
On October 26th you can throw anyone under 5,4 / 162cm 😉😉
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by hahahuha October 19, 2020
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Slang term for Natural Light beer. Common in eastern VA. May also be called national lights.
I drank too many nationals last night.

Gimme one of them national lights.
by lawnmowertony October 28, 2019
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