An extremely dangerous philosophy exploited by misfit individuals with severe inferiority complexes to compensate for their shriveled-up genitalia. Currently competing with organized religion in the race to spread intolerance and progressively destroy the world.
Screw nationalism, all it does it stir shit and start wars.
by johnnylongprong April 3, 2009
short for "homo nation"

can be further abbreved to "naysh"
that was nation!

dude, those homes are naysh.

nationnn brooooo
by Herm's Nursery October 3, 2011
The term for a fan of blogger and author Kaleb Nation.
After reading Bran Hambric, I am a total Nationeer!
by MandyChelle August 23, 2010
A group of people identified by a geographic area and an established government.
When nations make war against other nations, people die.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
On nation is used another way to show that you are serious about something like ( on god, , on my momma, etc)

Created by Ernest.
how Do I know you telling the truth

:man on nation I’m not lying!
by Lilyeadoe123 November 26, 2019
The ONE and ONLY name for DCA, regardless of what the fucking republican assholes want to rename it.
Yo, I gotta get to Chicago, think you could drive me to National?
by Wdobner March 25, 2004
to describe the timing of someone or a group of guests when they're going to be late or are often late.
-argh no, we're doing a nation (were late)
-"wat time will they be here?", "dunno theyre doing a nation"
by Oli Cano June 3, 2010