1)the country that you are a citizen of.
2)the country that you hold a passport of.
3)you can claim nationality of a country by birth, descent (child or grandchild of citizens) or naturalization (marriage)

if you are born in a different country from your familys birth, and then you claim that citizenship you are then that nationality. this happens a lot in the irish, italian, british diaspora
by anonymous = March 15, 2007
The name applied to a widespread form of social control, meant to impose docility and conformity on a large population in order to better consolidate power.
People in my nation are this way, but people in your nation are obviously different.
by Rude07 May 11, 2011
Nationalism comes from the word "Nation". a Nation is a group of people of (usually, but not always) the same race, history, culture, language and geographical territory.

Nationalism is the belief that every nation has the right to rule independantly the land that they lived on for the whole history.
Nationalism was the reason for many wars for independance in many countries.

America is NOT a nation, because it is an immigrant country, and each immigrant has his own race, history and culture (that they often try to keep).
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
A noun short for "Mexican National." Nationals are members of the aristocracy of Mexico who either come to America on vacation primarily to buy everything they see or for permanent residence. Nationals are characterized by quick Spanish speaking, materialism, walkie talkies, children on leashes, heelies, rudeness, and yelling in public. Nationals usually inflict major cities of Texas and other border states.
I want to go to the mall, but it is Easter weekend so I know that all of the Nationals are going to be there.
by Texas Victim April 30, 2011
A huge concert series by Avex Trax that showcases their hottest stars; including Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, & Koda Kumi. This usually lasts for about a month in the summer, and it visits many major cities throughout Japan.
I can't wait to see Ayumi Hamasaki at A Nation this year!
by heyyo134 June 28, 2005
Of or relating to the nation.
The President is hired by the government to execute matters of national importance.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
Differing definitions and forms of nationalism:
-Sentiment of loyalty
-Propensity of favoritism to one's own nation often at the expense of other nations, people, rights, etc.
-Attitude that attaches high importance to distinct characteristics of a nation.
-Doctrine that national culture should be preserved
-Theory that mankind is naturally divided into nations.

It may be expressed in two ways- as patriotism or as a supremacist perspective.

• Patriotism ☺
-You like your country & homeland
-This does not deny other nations any rights.

Nation-State as supreme value
-Sees the nation-state as the supreme power
-The growth, existence, power & growth of one’s nation is that person’s supreme value

•Terms relating to nationalism
-A nation is a group identity (decent, history, culture or language)
-A state is a defined territory on a map w/ an organized government
-A nation-state is when you have both at the same time
Smithy: "Tell me class-is the United States Nationalist?"

Ricardo: Fosho because we got a national identity. There was also a linguistic change to reflect a nationalistic identity after the civil war. Abe Lincoln did this intentionally he was like “The United States HAS a proud people.” before that people would be like “The United States HAVE a proud people.” The 1st is in plural form. The 2nd is in singular. The 2nd reflects nationalism.

Pedro: No! We aint nationalist because our value system encourages other things. The military is made to limit nationalism por ejemplo- military officers cannot hold public offices they must resign their military position 1st
The Millitary's slogans aren't nationalist either:
“1st Duty, 2nd Honor, 3rd Country”
“1st God, 2nd Family, 3rd Country”
by epistephiliac May 20, 2010