Person number one: "Wow! You have blue eyes, a Semetic nose and African hair. What's your nationality"?

Person number two: "American".
by wrd nrd July 27, 2013
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What people say when they mean heritage.
What’s your nationality? My nationality is Jamaican. My origins comes from Jamaica but I was born in United States.
by Optimistprime43 September 11, 2020
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To put something serious up on your gang or on your set to prove that you telling the truth
Person 1: Man theses niggas just tried to five

Person 2: For real lord

Peron 1: On nation
by Jaydoedadon December 08, 2017
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A short form of the Dads Facebook group Dad Nation.
“Hey did you go on the Nation Today?”
“Of course I did. What do you think I’m a gaf?”
by Smithd33 March 19, 2019
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A unifying pride and belief in ones country and the citizenry involving traditions, actions and history.
A nationalistic government would serve to establish laws and policy for the benefit of the citizenry on behalf of the citizenry.

-Damn I wish America had more nationalism in government, then maybe our politicians wouldn't sell out our country from under our feet.
by eloas March 21, 2009
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Extreme pride in one's own country and a disregard for international opinion.
by Darkflash October 06, 2014
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