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In sports, especially college football, a very weak opponent.
Guy A: "Dude, did you see Ohio State is 3-0?!"
Guy B: "Yeah, but that's only cause they beat Ohio, Toledo and Southwestern Hawaii State. Three total cupcakes."
by Red001 September 17, 2011

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A yuppie that has taken his/her obsession with wealth and status to a higher level in which even associating with their definition of poor people is considered dirty and degrading.
Guy A: Man, it's great seeing you guys, been years since college! We should get a hold of Geoff, that dude was the shit!

Guy B: That's not going to work.

Guy C: Yeah, Geoff is elitist yuppie scum now, he won't associate with us "poor folk."

Guy A: Poor? I make like $75,000 a year.

Guy B: Exactly.
by Red001 November 01, 2011

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A tag ignorant sports fans put after their favorite team, e.g. Red Sox Nation, Raider Nation, Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Nation, etc. They think for some reason that adding this tag makes their shitty team and annoying behavior somehow more dignified.
Guy A: Dude, I just started liking the Jacksonville Jaguars because they wear pretty colors. I suppose you could call me a card carrying member of Jaguar Nation!

Guy B: Have you ever been to Jacksonville?

Guy A: No, but my second cousin once went to a wedding there and told me all about the hotel he stayed at on Facebook!

Guy B: OK, can you name two players on the Jaguars?

Guy A: Uhhhh.....
by Red001 December 06, 2011

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When a male wears very tight pants (or shorts) showing off a distinct bulge.
"Look at the spandex pants on that bass player. Looks like he's smuggling bananas!"
by Red001 February 29, 2012

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A mostly worthless employee, who often spends more energy trying not to do work than would if s/he just did his/her job. Usually reserved to describe off-shift employees, as in their primary function is to keep the building warm overnight.
"I don't even know how TJ got hired, he never does more than 15 minutes of actual work. I'm glad he got assigned to nights with the rest of the heat sticks."
by Red001 October 02, 2013

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To defecate in a public toilet, then flush only to see the water level rise, then cheese it without doing anything to remedy the situation.
I had to complain to the Denny's manager after I went to the men's room and discovered the floor wet and vile stench of feces. Some asshole pulled the old flush and flee.
by Red001 April 21, 2015

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