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very sexy girl, big ass, mean at times, random,every guy wants her,flirts alot,deep down wants to fuck a guy named austin,
by call me powers September 20, 2013
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A natallie is a sweet,kind,caring woman. She’s very understanding. Very open minded. Very attractive, most likely to have blonde hair and sand colored skin. Beautiful eyes and a flawless body type. She’s super nice, dose NOT like to be mean. But when she’s mad...RUN! She can be ferocious, and scary but deep down very sweet. Just don’t get on her bad side. She’s the type of girl to have anyone’s back no matter the distance or situation. She’s an amazing bestfriend. She is goofy,weird,funny,beautiful,and strong. She might not have the most confidence in the world but she sure damn knows how beautiful she matter how many times she says she’s not. She is loved my all her friends and family. She’s the bestest thing that could ever happen to a Layla 💖
Person1: isn’t Natallie the sweetest
Person2: yeah! She’s so sweet
Person1: I love her

Person2:maaan so do I
by Bestfriend💖🐽 July 29, 2018
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deep down knows austin is a punk bitch, thats why shes engaged to a real man. seats taken, sucka.
GO find yourself another, because this natallie is mine.
by Jack E. Treehorn December 19, 2016
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