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This person is a sweet girl who lives her friends. She is extremely beautiful and amazing! You'll never grow tired of her.
by pbnj4life April 04, 2017
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lil mad is like big mad but the opposite, you mad but not mad to the extent of pullin somthin
"look im sorry i ate your food"
"is cool im just lil mad"
by lilbabiey November 30, 2018
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The sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Also my ibf. She is always looking out for me and making me laugh. If you could rate people I would give her a 10000000/10

Would recommend as a best friend :)
Nataley: Go to sleep

Me: I will later

Nataley: *sends a picture of her stuffed shark*

Me: Ok fine
by Madi_Lei October 09, 2019
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Sh3 is the sexiest girl in the world and she's a freakin bad bitch. She'll always say the word "k" or "lol" if u say something. So anyone out here who has a friend name nataley. Just tell them this "skskskksks and i oop"
Me: skskskks and i oop
Nataley: k lol
Me: u slim thicc
Nataley: k
by Skskskskand ioop October 01, 2019
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A girl who is an amazing friend, will always have your back, usually has dark brown hair. She is usually very quiet. She’s a great hugger. And even better kisser. She isn’t happy often and needs someone to hug her.
Girl 1: Did you see Nataley today?

Girl 2: yeah I gave her a hug!!
by Oofer42069666 February 20, 2019
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Most amazing girl in the world. She is very beautiful and loyal, clingy with her boyfriends but really freaky, usuallly Muslim and about 5,0
Person: hey look it’s Nataley
Person 2: oh yeah she’s the best
by User13313 February 04, 2020
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Big beefy gorl who likes to self-harm with magical pebbles.
*Rolls a natural 1* Nataley picks up a pebble and imbues it with magic, she throws it and misses the enemy hitting the back wall and hitting herself in the face.
via giphy
by D&D Gamer 101 January 10, 2020
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