A last name pertaining to a person; boy, girl, or hermaphrodite, usually highly involved with outings. People associated with the name Narus are usually drug dealers, addicts, or distributors.
Who's that person behind the movie theatre?
Oh, it's definitely a Narus.
by babiigurlx0843 December 27, 2007
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Short form of Narayani. Used for girls who are unimaginably cute and childish.
Naru is the best girl you can find ♥️.
by Perry1715 January 21, 2020
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Not a registered user. Means that somebody got kicked off eBay for being a scammer and/or providing horrible customer service.
On eBay, 99.7%-100% is considered a good feedback percentage. 99.3%-99.6% is considered mediocre. Seller X only has 97% feedback and is probably going to become NARU.
by Tony1337 January 10, 2011
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Naru Narusegawa, One of the many lead characters in the awesome anime series "Love Hina" She is the beautiful girl that Keitaro falls in love with and eventually become romantically involved. She is violent as well :P She is referenced in many other anime series.
Naru, Koalla Sue(adult and child), Shinobu, and the rest of the Love Hina Females become atracted to Keitaro
by Tw-Naru November 19, 2004
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Naru is classified as superhuman that has extraordinary thinking capability but usually goes to waste. In simple terms, stupid, idiotic, dumb.
You: “Let’s do math quiz!”
Girl: “what’s 1+1
You: “2!!!!”
Girl: “Hey! Your pulling a Naru!”
by IcePosidon May 3, 2019
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Derived from "Narushyennaya", the Russian word for "disturbed", Naru is a nickname. Also roughly means "noise" in Japanese.
Yes, it's also a Love Hina character, but that's aside the point here.
"Naru never updates her fictions. Gah."
by Naru March 31, 2005
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Naru Narusegawa: lead female character in the anime series/manga Love Hina.
Naru: "What are you talking about? There's no way Keitaro could be that cool all of a sudden."
by Wienerschnitzel August 29, 2004
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