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A.k.a. pulling a bulworth

"Pulling a bulworth" is when a candidate starts saying what's on his mind, not caring what the public, media, or special interests think.

It's a reference to the movie "Bulworth" starring Warren Beatty. Bulworth is a senator running for re-election. Knowing that he is going to die in a few days, Bulworth stops caring what people think. He stops catering to special interests and starts saying what he actually believes. Although he often says offensive or politically incorrect things, it causes him to rise in the polls.
by ACinCA October 23, 2008
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A politician(1) who avoids dealing with special interest, big oil, and corporate(1) lobbyists(1).
(ex. 1)

-n. idea:
To stop(4) worrying(3) what people(3) think(3) of(3) you(2), and saying what you truly believe(1). This generally happens when a person(2) is under the influence(1) of alcohol(2). Not necessarily a good(2) thing(8-1). Not necessarily bad(6-1).
(ex. 2, ex.3)

-adj. personality descriptor:
A type of person(2) who will say(4) what is on their mind, whether right(23) or wrong(3), popular(19) or not.
(ex.3, ex. 4)

-v. emotional(1) or psychological action:
Going Bulworth:
A primary(1) instance of this.
(ex. 2)

-v. emotional(1) or psychological action:
Gone Bulworth:
Continually doing this, perhaps uncontrollably.
(ex. 4)

-v. psychological action:
Pulling a/the Bulworth:
The act of intentionally saying what is unpopular(1) to get(5) a rise(2) out of people(3).
(ex. 3, ex.4)

Reference to the 1998 Warren Beatty(1) film: Bulworth
ex. 1:
Obama really went Bulworth in his first presidential campaign.

ex. 2:
Mel Gibson(1)'s drunken(1) rant(1).

ex. 3:
Sacha Baron Cohen is a Bulworth when he plays Borat, Bruno, and Ali G.

ex. 4:
Anything Bill O'Reilly(2) has ever said.
by ZERØ O'skül March 04, 2011
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