the act of being naked
I'm nakey, You're nakey, He/Shes nakey

*INSERT SCREEN NAME HERE*: i think everyone says nakey. i love it
*INSERT SCREEN NAME HERE*: its like part of the english language
by biberr June 24, 2004
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Chilling without any clothes on. Being able to live freely wihout clothes and the pressure of others to put some on. Having the confidence and deisre to show off your body no matter its shape or size. Living life the the fullest.
"I want to run nakey through the streets."

"Was she nakey?"
by kaysheffy January 31, 2012
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to become or in the act of becoming naked
to see sombody naked and scream your nakey
girl 1:did you see that person getting nakey yesterday
guy 1:yea i know it was kinda hot.
girl 2*screams* you guys saw me nakey... you pervs
*girl get slapped*
*guy 1 gets slapped*
guy 2:you just got slapped
by skull teddy February 13, 2008
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to streek or go nakey
random people sitting on a bench:did you hear about the president?
random streeker:NAKEY!!!
by frank postacio July 23, 2004
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The awkward but funny feeling you get when you take a shower totally naked,with your friend of the same gender.
Wow Rachel we are so nakey right now, I love your shower.
by Ellianna Yan March 17, 2008
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Cole: "Hey man, sorry I couldn't get dinner tonight I'm hanging out with Ava tonight."
Ben: "It's cool, are you gonna end up having nakey with her?"
Cole: "We'll see where the night takes us."
by laurengriffinnn January 27, 2020
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the act of taking your clothes off while using the bathroom
It was so hot outside that when I went to the bathroom I went nakey
by Young Skateboard J September 16, 2006
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