to reject; to deny; to say no to.
-Did he ask her to the dance?
-Yeah, but he got nahz'd.

*The college nahz'd my app.
by Zoe March 20, 2005
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defn.1 does a pretty good job, but nowadays, nahz is used as a verb, adj, noun, adverb... basically anything
ex 1
mola: me and my girlfriend were nahz-ing last night
da sol: nahhhhhhhhz

ex 2
kim: i got nahzed from cal-state fullerton
lee: pwned
by you cheetah May 8, 2005
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Literally translated, it means 'not cool.' However, depending on the situation and inflection, it can also mean 'fucking kick ass.'
'not cool': Having a California whore is nahz beast.

'fucking kick ass': Yo, that rap video was NAHZ BEAST, son.
by NHC July 16, 2008
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