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Nachiket is a noun of Sanskrit origin, which is combination of 3 basic sanskrit words.

na + chi + ket

"Na" represents negation

"chi" represents "Chaitanya" means - unending spiritual energy

"ket" represents "Ketu" means - continuously revolving action

Nachiket is the one who is continuously looking for nothing but unending spiritual energy.
Hey Nachiket, how r u doing man?
by neo_blue August 05, 2009
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The first fire according to hindu mythology
the best brother a sister can wish to have :)
its so amazing to have a brother like nachiket
by his sis :) October 16, 2010
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(NUH-chi-kait), verb

1. To willfully break something; specifically, Java program code stored in a CVS repository.
2. To accuse someone of having a strange personality (e.g. B.L.)
3. To prepare 'sweet chicken' for a dessert.
Please don't nachiket the repository; stop checking in code that doesn't compile!

I was playing Halo and Dominic totally nachiketed me after he won- it hurt my feeleings.

Instead of making apple pie, let's nachiket dessert!
by nmehta February 08, 2006
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foot massages, warm foot massages,
I would like a Nachiket, right about now after a long walk.

I love getting a Nachiket, after walking in my new shoes.

I love Nachikets.
by TTTTTOOoooonnnniiiiii January 19, 2011
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The act of stalking animals.
Pulling a nachiket involves creepily videotaping animals for no apparent reason.
Tara: "Omg stop being such a nachiket and leave that bird alone."
Liam:"Yesterday I pulled a Nachiket and snapchated this cute cat."
by Kewlest4 June 06, 2017
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