3 definitions by BigRock

A need for lubricant during sex
It's starting to hurt, could you Crisco my Nabisco?
by BigRock August 23, 2015
Idaline is a hottie with cracking bod! She has a big personality and beautiful smile! She can be cheeky and cheerful brightening up your day! She is really intelligent know more than one language! She is good in the kitchen and in other rooms too 😉 She is a genuine friend and a keeper of you are the lucky person to catch her attention!
Idaline is fabulous in those shoes!
by BigRock October 19, 2017
A person who takes a bath, farts in the bathtub, then bites the bubbles created from said fart.
Johnny's always smells like ass, he must be a biff twiffer.
by BigRock June 20, 2009