A very annoying user, commonly new into an online game, who acts against the game rules, with a very rude acctitude to others.

Regardless about level, the n00b is a very annoying user.

Usually they use l33t, so it's hard to understand what they say.

They claim to be pro, you can tell who is n00b and who isn't by their username, like "pro_user" and related.

The word itself is used like an insult to a player, since the n00bs are the scum of computer games
Use of l33t: 1m 700 p00r 70 d0 50m37h1ng

Calling others n00b:

How you can do this?
lol, such a n00b, lol, ur st00p1d
by Sandthief March 16, 2006
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Someone who refuses to learn anything about a game that they are new to. Tend to rant about how they are better than everyone else at it...
by Lullvator November 17, 2005
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Considered in gaming terms to be a 'newbie' to a game. However there is a difference to a n00b and newb.

A n00b usually thinks they know everything and can't type.

A newbie is a newbie player who seems normal/intelligent.
Newb : Wow i really like this game i might continue playing.

n00b : OMFG dis game sux i not playing dis shit no more
by jOeFiSh- May 05, 2007
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The most rediculous word ever invented. Used by anyone with an IQ less than 20, or people who are unable to play Counterstrike or Starcraft less than 18 hours a day.
t3hpwn4ge: ur a n00b
Person: Who cares?
by FatMonkeyJuice April 04, 2006
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Someone who spams, annoys members of sites and shortcuts frequently. Usually on a chat or game site and most are new but not all new people are n00bs.
n00b:OMG post this in 10 boards and you'll get (insert ridiculous wish here).!!!!!!!

NOT a n00b:Hi i've just joined this site :)

There are a lot of n00bs on Neopets, for example.
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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As apposed to what is apearently common belief, newb is actually very different from N00b. A noob or n00b is someone who asks stupid questions, to annoy others, or knowingly uses bad spelling/grammar in a *literate thread*. They also usually spam quite often. (online, not e-mails.)

a newb or newbie is someone who is new to something, as the word implies.
for n00b:
V first post in thread, an example of spam/1337 V
sp00fmonkeyjoebob: lolZ0rZ!! I pWN aLl 0f YOUZ!!! :rofl:
lady_claire: Leave my literate thread N00b! Before I report you!

for newb:
jimmy: I just joined last week, I thought this game would be easier!!
~arf_man~: Aww. Poor newb. You will get better. *Pats you on the head*
by sarcoz November 20, 2006
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