no, but with more emphasis.
person: want some batsoup?
batman: n0 :O
by donteatbats July 8, 2020
Being completely sarcastic at someone, trying to turn something down not harshly and failing at it. If you are being asked out on a date by a hitchhiker hobo man with hello kitty bandaids in his beard, run away. If you are being asked out by a hipster who works at the local Chicken Biddy, say "hehe NO" and run away. see example below.
Jake (chicken biddy guy): Hey girl wanna go to the arcade sometime and play mario
You: hehe N0.
by HEYIT'SATURTLE November 20, 2014
hes the best person you will ever meet, hes kind, loving, goofy, funny, and makes a lot of inside jokes, he doesnt try that much in school, he laughs at your jokes, and hes the absolute greatest best friend, his eyes are like the beautiful ocean.
i had a n0@h before and he left.
by noahs bestie August 8, 2021