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Basically a newer way to call somebody a noob.

Generally the players who use the word, overuse it and will call somebody a bad kid about 13 times in one sentence. This can range from jeasouly to just plain stupidity. What motivates them to say it is still a mystery. Scientists believe it makes them feel better that they fail in life. They think they are god's gift to gaming when in all reality, they themselves are the bad kid.

Please see the word Noob if you're looking for a broader meaning of the term.
Player 1: Wow you just betrayed me... You cost us the game!

Player 2: STFU bad kid!
by Proem March 07, 2010

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A lagger is someone who has a horrid internet connection and lags (slows) up a game and creates problems and annoyances for the other gamers.

Sometimes laggers lag on purpose to create an unfair advantage over their opponents. There are methods and ways to lag a game so that people can't see what they're doing - yet the lagger can still play normal. This is considered cheating and if caught, the players will be banned or suspended from playing.

Lagging, whether it be on purpose or just because you're poor, is frowned upon in the gaming world.
Lagger: get ready i'm gonna standby now and lag the game!

Lagger's Team: Yay!

Legit Team: Dumb noobs.
by Proem March 07, 2010

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(Videgame camping not nature camping)

Camping is when a player stays in the same spot throughout the game to gain an unfair advantage against his or her opposition.

Players camp for various reasons. They don't want to take any risk of losing so they hover or camp around a weapon respawn or powerup respawn area so they can always have the advantage. Sometimes players camp because they suck at the game and the only way the can score points or kills is by camping out around corners or in hiding places so attack their opponents by surprise or from behind as they pass by.

Camping is obviously frowned upon in videogames, and if you do it - odds are you're a noob with no skills. Camping is however, a legit tactic, and as cowardly as it may be, its not considered cheating.
Camping player: I owned you!

Legit player: STFU noob. You camped the overshield respawn with a rocket launcher.
by Proem March 07, 2010

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A even more nerdy way to call somebody a Noob.

Sometimes it can imply that the noob is more then a mere noob. He or she may be some kind of super noob.
Noob: You suck!

N00b: I ownzed you!
by Proem March 07, 2010

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A weapon combination discovered in Halo 2.

The noob combo consists of a plasma pistol and a battle rifle. The user would charge the pistol up and fire it on the opponent. The green blast follows and homes in on the target making escape unlikely. This causes the victims shield to be stripped and then the noob combo users quickly switches to the battle rifle and shoots the victim in the head, causing a instant kill (even if the user misses the head, it only takes a 2nd shot anywhere on the body to finish the victim off).

the Noob combo is used by just as you would expect, noobs. Typically the people using it suck with the legit weapons and want a unfair advantage against their opponents. It eventually got to the point where players would immediately set off to find the 2 needed weapons as soon as a match would start... Thus ruining the Halo 2 experience for many legit gamers.

Noob combo was also used to spawn kill quite often. Despite its overwhelming frustration, the noob combo is possible to beat. The best method is to quickly duck behind a wall or object and once the blast misses, quickly kill the noob while he's charging back up. Its not uncommon to see someone resort to using a noob combo to beat a noob combo user. Fight fire with fire. Or in this case, noob with noob.

In Halo 3, the noob combo was fixed with the simple change of making the plasma blast not home in on opponents. Now the noobs are forced to use real tactics and play fair.
Noob Combo player: eye 0wned yu

Legit Player: you used noob combo you dumb nub
by Proem March 07, 2010

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Someone who is bad at a videogame. Typically noob (pronounced new with a B at the end) will be a player who has owned and played the game for awhile now but due to their ignorance, annoyance, over confidence & general stupidity, they will suck at the game.

These people usually will throw the word noob out which is also a classic example of the more you use it, the more you probably are it. General examples of a noob's behavior are players who betray/team kill their team mates for taking a weapon or vehicle they wanted. Players who have a game virtually won, but continue to play or spawn kill the other team because they're either bored or find it funny.

As you might have guessed - noobs usually don't have much of a life and take their depression out in the videogame world... The one place they can be better then somebody. Noobs also find it necessary to talk shit to the opposite team whether they win or lose.

Please don't confuse Noob with Newbie. The latter means the player is simply new to the game & not necessary a idiot of life.

Opposite team: Good game, guys.
Noob: You guys got fucking lucky!


Opposite team: Good game, guys.
Noob: You guys fucking suck!
by Proem March 07, 2010

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A term that is most often used in the Halo franchise.

A deranker is someone who purposely loses or sabotages a game so that his or her rank will go down. After they do it enough, they will face opposition that can't compete with them and they'll win much more often. Thus making the deranker feel better about their own pathetic life.

Derankers often will betray or teamkill to get the results they want. Luckily, in Halo 3 and beyond, Bungie made it more difficult for a deranker to prevail (no more negative suicide points, or placing the bomb outside of the map).

When you're a lower level player and there is a deranker on the opposite team, it is usually extremely obvious as they will be considerbly better then everyone else in the game. You will be able to tell that they shouldn't be in the same game as you. Derankers often taunt and make fun of their opponents after they kill or beat them, acting as if they've earned some sort of bragging right- when in reality, they've earned nothing but to get labeled a noob.

Players also derank so that they can play with their higher level friends and thus make matchmaking system bring in lower levels for a easier victory. Derankers are also called Delevelers. Deranking is frowned upon obviously, but it is seemingly not cheating or breaking terms of service because Bungie does very little to punish these players.
Deranker: Get owned noobs!

Legit lower level player: Get a life.
by Proem March 07, 2010

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