A douchey repetitive phrase used in the middle of screwed up reposts on web sites, like facebook.
Once upon a time, there was a 1 year old see more....see more...see more...see more...I'm a scared little douche reposting this because i don't want some unreal shit to eat my mom and buttrape me with a banana peel see more...see more...see more...see more....see more...i have no life and really need to go get some dick...see more...see more...see more...this is a useless chain letter
by shiva093 July 8, 2010
for a man to to be sexually promiscuous (for the equivalent used of a women look up see more pricks than a dart board)
He may see more ass than a toilet seat but he never had a drink.
by The Return Light Joker January 26, 2010
A phrase used by trolls used to trick people into believing that there is something after See More.
This is cool
@See even more
(Facebook's own 'see more' will appear around the 6th or 7th line and hence, the moment you click on it, you will see 'See even more' and be positively trolled.
by hardcoretrollmanz July 13, 2011
A twist on the saying ,"shit in in one hand and ask with the other and see which one gets filled 1st", targeted at complainers and whiners.
Whiney person: Everything sucks as usual.
Me: Complain on one hand, take a dump in someone's boot on the other hand and see which is more interesting to talk about.
Whiney person: That's the last time I complain to you about my life and also why are my boots in the bathroom?
by The Dark Anus (JC) February 26, 2019