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A douchey repetitive phrase used in the middle of screwed up reposts on web sites, like facebook.
Once upon a time, there was a 1 year old see more....see more...see more...see more...I'm a scared little douche reposting this because i don't want some unreal shit to eat my mom and buttrape me with a banana peel see more...see more...see more...see more....see more...i have no life and really need to go get some dick...see more...see more...see more...this is a useless chain letter
by shiva093 July 07, 2010
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Refers the an instance where your Facebook post has greater length than will appear in the news feed, and results in the blue texted tag "see more".

To run on too long, over explain, divulge too much, bore your "friends" to tears with excess information.
I had so much to say in my status that I seemored four times yesterday.
by SpaasCadet March 05, 2011
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A person whose incessant Facebook comments or posts exceed the character limit thus prompting the 'see more' button to appear.
Tom is such a Seemore; why can't he be more concise in his comments?
by Catmandont February 05, 2014
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