A good way to get some fat 47 year old's dick in your ass.
Yeah, I went on myspace and chatted up this dude, then we met and he was actually 47 years old and he raped me!
by whyhellothere11 November 03, 2009
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A Social networking program where friends can comment and message to stay in touch. Myspace was created to replace sports or any other physical activity. Instead teens waste their time trying to get over 1000 friends(1.0k+)even though half of them are bands and/or people they don't know.
"Hey man wanna' play some football?"
"No bro im on myspace, I just got a friend request!"
by erereric May 30, 2008
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a website where most people spend there usless time.
they get excited over new comments, and new picture comments, messages and friend requests.
well i knoq i sure do.
i so am gonna go check my myspace. omg look new comments!
by Alex Tunnell January 03, 2007
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Probably the worst site ever created, though, it is a very good cure for boredom. You could have no friends in real life, while having 3,000 friends on myspace. you can be 50 years old and say you are 16 on myspace.
Hey jack, what are you doing tonight?

oh, you know, just jacking off to the picture of jensyn on myspace living 1500 miles away from me.
by Btabs July 01, 2010
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Myspace is a website for rich upper class scenester bitches who really have no idea about what real life is like. Started out as a good idea for ADULTS. Then ruined by teen america.
wow, poor guy who has to pay for the server this myspace shit is run on...
by Steve N October 27, 2005
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