A place for friends , that never works right
ERGGHH myspace is screwing up again!!
by Blite November 15, 2006
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Facebook for those who didn't graduate high school.
only retarded cunts use Myspace.
by fluffels January 24, 2008
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A website where people with small attention spans can spend hours looking at pictures of other people who have equally small attention spans. Also a good place to go if you don't have a real life and you need to feel popular on a website.

Myspace consists of:

-5% Normal people with no lives.
-10% Teenage Girls
-85% Creepy 40 year olds who want to have sex with said teenage girls.(There are at least 30,000 sex offenders on myspace and that number is growing quickly.)

Teenage Girl: Oh I met this nice guy on myspace and we're meeting at the park!

(An hour later at the park)

Teenage Girl: You don't look anything like your picture!

Creepy 40 Year Old: Shut up and get in the van.
by FannyFondler August 5, 2007
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"Did you check out my new pic?"

"Yeah dude it was bitchin'...I like the use of too much flash on your cheap ass digital camera. the way you used your mirror was tight, too."

"Yeah. My Myspace rules!"
by RODE THE CHOAD IS GOD May 20, 2007
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Where young children go to get raped by pedophiles.
Principal: Do you have a Myspace?

Student: Yes, sir.

Principal: REALLY!? WHAT IS IT ME TOO!!!!
by Bubs McKenzie May 4, 2009
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Website where teenage girl whore themselves out in hopes to find a boyfriend but only end up getting some old sixty year old pervert and end up getting raped
oh my god did you hear about Nikky who exchanged adresses with that weird guy on myspace and got raped?
by ghostgirl360 May 14, 2009
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A place for friends? I think not. How bout a PLACE WHERE NOTHING FUCKING WORKS!!!!
Ashley: Okay, my tv ALWAYS has something else wrong with it!!!
Jessica: Sounds a lot like myspace. Are they related?
by RandomDictionarySurfer July 13, 2009
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