MYANS AN AMAZING THAT ALWAYS MAKES YOU FEEL SPECIAL AND FUZZY AND HAPPY. When your down she will cheer you up. You can talk to her about everything and she won’t juDge :)) she can be a bit goOfy and smArT! She dosent like attention but people will notice her. She is extremely gorgeous and her smIle is beautiful!
myan she makes you happy
by xin yi December 7, 2020
A handsome guy who likes to play gpo, yba, and rogue lineage
Myan is a great guy!
by NabiSimpson May 7, 2021
Usually to describe a personality of can-do attitude, take-all-decision, a person of gold-heart. Do the impossible thing and make it possible when no one thought of the possibility of his/her success. Always think of a win-win situation for everyone, and hers too. LOL.

Normally a good person at heart, and misunderstood for God knows why. Natural born with multi-talented personality disorder.
Steven: Hey, do you know Myan?
Phillips: Yes, she is very talented, not my best-friend, but she is an actress in Monsoon 2018 now. She is such a Myan Nguyen. She had a role that interacted with Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asian.
by userlovesapp November 7, 2018
To (in frustration) rip off someone's head, and then continue to play soccer with it.
Rob if you do not shut up I will go Myan on you!
by Rhino0 December 5, 2009
To perform the Myan Rartin you must first be a virgin and find a girl willing to do the deed. During intercourse you must say 'I'm not Arsed' to everything the girl says/asks
Girl; Do you want to try anal?
Guy; I'm not arsed
Girl; how about doggy style
Guy; I'm not arsed
Girl; are you doing the Myan Rartin
Guy; I'm not arsed
by Tictac21 September 11, 2020
he is a slag and dickhead don’t date myans 🙅🙅
Friend: I’m talking to this guy called myan

You: ew he’s a ugly neek slag
by ilovemilfsanddilfs69696969 September 17, 2022
myan vishram is a little gujurati boy but looks tamil so often confuses people, hes the biggest nitty youll ever meet and claims he doesnt vape but then half an hour later he’ll send you a snap of him hitting a vape and sometimes even choking on it which isnt good since he takes his vape everywhere👎. hes apart of that big fat jls friend group that all probably help eachother wank off in the changing rooms since theyre all up each others bums so much, his perm is his only personality trait and he loves a girl called riana from nwc😍😍. his drip is shit and he has no reselling skills, he had one sided beef with an rms girl called serena last year and we all know he secretly loves eesha. hes the biggest manslag ull ever meet but sometimes is helpful when you need him, and he memorised the recovery position for when people throw up
friend: look its myan vishram
friend: oh no not that little nitty with a perm
by hehehehheheeehehheh October 9, 2022