To digitally penetrate. Used to describe foreplay in a joking manner or to describe a clinical visit to a doctor.
“He’s been selfish in bed lately. I’m not going down on him until he spends a few minutes digging for my keys.”

“Went to my gyno today. Nothing like meeting a complete stranger for the firs time while they dig for your keys!”
by Lauralai22 April 30, 2018
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A process where you lose your keys in order to gain infinite power. The power is so infinite that the universe restarts to the big bang and the universe created afterwards is an universe where you lose small metal objects called keys.
Man, that power is so strong, its almost like i have lost my keys.
by nir5117 February 06, 2018
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random male citizen of the united states: mikey is so hot
random female citizen of the united states: don't you mean my key?
by JOFFERPLAYS March 25, 2018
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