a friend that you can make out with or do other things of that nature that you couldn't necessarily do with another friend
person 1: yah we're friends, but we make out all the time
person 2: oh, so hes your friend with benifits
person 1: ya i guess so
by becca grace January 30, 2009
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a person that you dont have to be emotionally attached to or going out with to have fun with sexually and physically.
ex. me and christina aren't seeing each other; we're just friends with benifits.
by Anthony Policastro June 06, 2006
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When your not going out with someone, your just friends who makeout and other things but you dont call each other boyfriend and girlfriend
Matt: Did you see Anthony & Cassandra kissing all over each other?! I think there going out now

Amanda: Nope she told me their just friends with benifits
by Hot Cherri April 04, 2009
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1) Another word for fuck buddies
2) Somebody to have sexual relations with without dating
3) A bad idea, sometimes feelings end up developing
Nick: "Whoa! Look at Meg get some action! Are they dating??"

Ben Dover: "Haha. No, Meg told me they are just friends with benifits."
by Clingbo1 August 11, 2010
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Two friends who can't spell who have a sexual realtionship without being emotionally involved. Tipically two good friends, both of which having failed english class, who have casual sex without a monogamoose realtionship or any kind of commitmant.

There is a high chance of them being dyslexic.... that is, dsyleicix.
DUDE: Hey man so you still going out with sara?

DUDE2: Nah just friends with benifits.

DUDE: I think you're saying it wro-

by jazzalenko August 28, 2010
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Being FwB with someone means that one or both of the friend(s) is engaging in some sort of sexual relation with the other,for example,grabbing a friends booty or poking there boobs/dick.Maybe something more steamy like full on sex occasionally.If you are FwB with a friend or a best friend no less then you will he friends for a very long time.FwB tend to last longer than just regular friends and best friends with benifits are usually around for life,because physical activity among friends brings them closer.If one of your friends touches you alot then you can be sure that friend is genuine and has your best interest at heart.So in conclusion don't be mad at touching,welcome it if it's a friend you trust.
by Anirasic December 16, 2018
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Two friends emotionally atraccted to each other sending nudes to each once a week and love each other but not in a realationship
She is my friends with benifits
by Funnyman0620 September 01, 2018
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