A word used in online gaming referring to when a player does a certain maneuver that is done perfectly.
Did you just see my friend Schweitzberger pull that beautifality no scope?
by nickanamek August 20, 2010
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So indescribably beautiful, that you need to use the word gorgeous and beautiful in one to define.
She is so beautifous,
Wow... your looking/look beautifous today.

Gorgeous Beautiful Pretty
by Jalepeno13 March 13, 2013
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Her beautification ritual was almost complete. Just a final coat of mascara and she would be ready to go.
by ro7 June 12, 2012
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When a street or neighborhood was cleaned up recently. The term was coined while 3 friends drove to a baseball practice and one said the city must have come through and beautifacated the street.
This area used to be really run down, then the city came through and beautificated it.
by baron14 December 16, 2008
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1.) Exceeding Beautiful

2.) embodying the most amount of beauty personally conceivable
Boyfriend: "Baby you are beautific! So beautiful!"

Girlfriend: "Awww you're so sweet."
by Domingosaurous November 3, 2010
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Beautific Jamie Beki
I have the most beautific feeling about us!!
by Beki lou March 1, 2020
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