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A statement of defiance or a derogatory term expressing surprise, disappointment or irritation. Usually used when someone tells you something that you just honestly can't or won't enjoy.
“The fact you have to face is that you inadvertently killed two psyker brothers with your presence. This is why we decided that the Culexus Temple would be the best place for you,” He (Briar) explained.

“Culexus my ass,” Marcella rolled her eyes, “I’d rather be back home on Epsilon Regalis, or serving in Escholan’s retinue.”
by LyassacheckList August 11, 2016

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a batshit-crazy person; someone who is out of reality with reality. May or may not have a shopping list of mental disorders.
Bart McCraw is quite the nutjob; from what I've heard, he been arrested over 36 times for stalking celebrities.
by LyassacheckList March 22, 2016

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Being so out of touch with reality it's not even funny. Often will deny the hard facts, even when the scientific evidence show otherwise. Usually religious fanatics, but crunchy mamas and druggies fits the definition.
JC: Trump is reality challenged; he thinks ladies deserves to be raped.
BJ: Really?
JC: Exactly. He is a evangelical fundie of the worst sort.
by LyassacheckList March 22, 2016

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A cutesy nickname for both young and adult children.
"It's ok, pumpkin (name), you're safe with Mommy," the woman rocked her infant son.
by LyassacheckList December 03, 2016

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Your average black girl who get wasted and lays around with too much men; will have children by five different men, and she can't tell which child is fathered by who. Is constantly angry and envious because she is still dealing with the piss-poor fallout of her stupid choices, and takes it out on her children.

She views herself as being better than her fellows, when in reality she is little more than scum and with good reason.
Tara is such a basic black girl; I've heard that she had her newborn taken into foster care again.
by LyassacheckList August 11, 2016

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