Used in the phrase "to pull a mustaine", to yell "FUCK YEAH!" in the most random and usually inappropriate of times.

Named for Dave Mustaine, vocalist/guitarist for Megadeth; derived from the song "The Mechanix", in which Mustaine for no reason yells "FUCK YEAH!" near the end.
"How could she tell Dave was watching the game and not listening to his girlfriend?"
"Well, she was talking about her sick cousin, but his team scored a goal and he just pulled a mustaine."
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1. One who never forgets old incidents and can and will bring them up, even 20 years after the fact, to bitch about them.

2. The ex-guitarist of heavy metal band Metallica for the first album, who was fired over an incident involving James Hetfield in 1983 and went on to found the much better but far less popular band Megadeth.
1. Oh my god, that Kizak is such a Mustaine.

2. Dave Mustaine is a far superior guitarist and vocalist to James Hetfield.
by Wonderbat May 22, 2005
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Verb. To get even with someone for being annoying, mostly a social peer. To cast a peer aside in disrespect after having suffered that peer's bad personality traits.

Alternate: Mustained, Adverb. To have been cast asside by one's peers, to have been excommunicated, or fired.

Origin: Dave Mustane- former guitarist for Metallica, who was famously kicked out of the group for being an insufferable ass.
Dave was mustained by his bandmates after opening his mouth one too many times.
by WoojaBooja June 06, 2005
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The ultimate in awesome. Similair to "the dude" in The Big Lewbowski. The highest degree of cool attainable.
by Jd Mustain May 27, 2010
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The Mustaine is a moustache made of or caked in Santorum. Stems from Dave Mustaine's support of Rick Santorum and his speaking out against gay rights because he is a 'Christian'.
That dude hates gays so much, he's obviously still in the closet. Check out the Mustaine on him, it's obvious!
by the megadick February 22, 2012
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This is the brown skidmark/s left in the toilet after taking a dump.
I place a little bit of toilet paper in the bowl first, that way I don't make and mustains.

I had to flush twice because of the gruesome mustain that turd left.
by Troy Cross June 20, 2009
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An act that occurs between two consenting adult males after the act of lovemaking. One of the participants, with a finger covered in santorum, draws a mustache on the other. Pioneered by a certain poodle haired gentleman with a chip on his shoulder
"hey bro, just got back from this huge gay orgy at my church, everyone there walked out with a mustaine"

guy 1:why are you washing your face?

guy 2:trying to wash off that mustaine you gave me last night
guy 1:dont worry about it, just let it rust in peace.

guy 2:why do you have to draw a mustaine on me every night? how about you know, put a plug in it?
by skubmaster96 March 06, 2012
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