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A person who was born or raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. People often assume Saskatchewaynians are from a third world country, as no one really seems to know where Saskatchewan is located.
Person 1: I'm from New York. Where were you born?
Person 2: I'm Saskatchewaynian!
by Jennara September 16, 2009

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Something with many holes.
Guy: Jen is my wiffle, if you know what I mean.
by Jennara November 28, 2009

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1. A happy noise of exclamation, often made by penguins or ghost.

2. A type of white sauce that both murrs and smiles back. Unfortunately, the sauce will stop smiling when you bite its head off.

3. A disgruntled loud/short noise made by an angry ghost or penguin, often due to frustrations of asshats, usually accompanied by growls.
1. After seeing the pie, ghost happily murred.

2. The only sauce that murrs back until you bite its head off.

3. When people don't register on the website, ghost angrily MURs at them when they aren't looking.
by Jennara July 22, 2009

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