Murder and/or suicide. The answer to all life's problems.

Originated on the forums, coined by a guy calling himself "DA_Infamous_Mobb" and later changing his name to "The_Infamous_Mobb."

It has lots of variations like "Murder/Regicide" and crap...
Totse poster 1: OMG MY GF BROKE UP WITH ME!!!11

Totse poster 2: Murder/Suicide.
by rifter February 11, 2005
the answer to all of lifes problems.
wheres my car keys? *grabs knife*
by MindGutter September 12, 2004
The act of killing a person (or people) and then killing yourself. A common variant of it is "Condom/Spermicide". Although it is commonly used on totse, murder/suicide didn't originate there.
"It's the last day of school today, what should I do?"
by Haddock July 6, 2005
a bloodthirsty beast that stalks the public multiplayer lobbies of barotrauma for fresh victims, usually with the intent to massacre the entire submarine crew and himself in a multitude of ways
> join random server
> killing crawlers and cashing cheques all good
> player named "murder suicide marvin" joins the game
> "welcome aboard matey"
> do some more missions, become friends with my crew
> suddenly alarms start blaring
> lights go out
> crew runs to the reactor room to see it ablaze with one man standing in front of it
> "i am murder suicide marvin and this is a murder suicide"
> blinding flash
> submarine turns into a fireball, crew turns into red paste
by yeah ok fan January 9, 2023
When your friend starts dating a girl and virtually removes both himself and her from society and all friends. Closely resembles killing one's love interest and self with less finality than actual death.
"Dude, I haven't seen Charlie since he started going steady with Jenn..."
"I know man, just another social murder-suicide. So sad."
by Jack Clodder March 26, 2007
When one kills two people and then kills themselves.
After Jenna killed John and Nadia, she killed herself because she couldn't stand the thought of living without John. By doing this she committed Murder Murder Suicide.
by MewWinx96 March 8, 2012