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Dude, the shrink diagnosed me with S.A.D!
by rifter February 14, 2005
Murder and/or suicide. The answer to all life's problems.

Originated on the totse.com forums, coined by a guy calling himself "DA_Infamous_Mobb" and later changing his name to "The_Infamous_Mobb."

It has lots of variations like "Murder/Regicide" and crap...
Totse poster 1: OMG MY GF BROKE UP WITH ME!!!11

Totse poster 2: Murder/Suicide.
by rifter February 11, 2005
A condition where an infant is born with two penises. An estimated 1 in 5,000,000 US babies are born with this defect.

Pseudodiphallia is when the penis splits in two.
8===D <--- What Diphallia looks like.
by rifter February 22, 2005