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to snuggle or rub-up against.
The dog would munty up to his owners side on a cold night.
by Michael Kolb July 28, 2008
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A name used to describe a rare individual who often gets mistaken as a girl because of his weird bushie fuck off ponytail. Munty is a cunt of a person 100% of the time and will fucken lose his shit if you steal his food. Munty is as sketchy as a fucken raccoon as he does questionable shit during the nightly hours. He is fast, He is ruthless, and you better fucking watch out when he has the munchies. If you hear the russling of leaves during the night your fucked. He can also smell food from a fucking mile away. Munty lives out in the bush and roans around the streets at night ravenging around rubbish bins. Munty is also very territorial as he can fucken naw your arm off if your not careful. Munty is definately a dangerous creature.
Munty is as shifty as a shithouse rat
by The munter hunter September 10, 2018
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To feel very rough after a particularly heavy night out.
After I triple dropped and did that bottle of voddy and passed out and woke up in my neighbours cat, I'm feeling pretty munty.
by supermerio July 10, 2008
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