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the area between a girl's anus and vagina; the feminine form of "grundle"
check out that chick's muntle
this bitch had the grossest muntle ever
by faceman 8vD May 03, 2009
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Originally derived from the word 'Munted' meaning: Intoxicated or feeling drunk. Can also be used to describe a small cute animal.
"Oh man I was so Muntled last night. I felt like I was part of The Muntle Empire!"

"OMG look at him. What a cute lil Muntle"
by The Muntle Empire September 20, 2011
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the fleshy area between a male's scrotum and asshole
It hurt like hell but lukily she had miss my balls and kicked me in my muntle.
by Cornwallis July 10, 2003
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