A man-cunt, the male version of the popular descriptive cunt (commonly used when referring to a woman).
by NicoleFuckedYourUncle May 01, 2008
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TRANSITIVE VERB: 1. Kickball ball term for a man bunt a. To kick (a pitched ball) by tapping it lightly so that the ball rolls slowly in front of the infielders. b. To cause (a base runner) to advance or (a run) to score by bunting. ORIGIN: San Francisco, CA
NOTE: Munting is allowed in most divisions and even at world sporting kickball games however, if you are caught munting in the city of San Francisco, people will point and laugh and make fun of you for many hours, even days and weeks. Some teams will suspend men who munt for not strategic reasons.
Other versions: Wunt, a female bunt more common to the game and happens alot, does not get made fun of but many outfielders do move infield when a women is up to kick.
San Francisco's team was not suprised that the Hollywood's team munted their way to victory in the regional rounds of kickball.
by Zetz September 02, 2005
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To Munt. Or when one is Munthing.

Munting is the act of a vagina moaning.

A cunt moaning.
Or someone bitching or moaning.
by muntman October 18, 2012
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a word replacing any (or even all words in a sentence to make it more confusing for other people)
noun: he is a munt
verb: he munted it
adverb: he was munting fast
adjective: he was munted

the munt munted the munt, it was munt!!!
by Wor-Nessy March 28, 2009
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A female who looks like a man and is a cunt.
You see that Munt over there? She may look like a man, but she slept with half of the men in that office and some are married.
by Blondie Siren April 15, 2011
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