Something people say instead of "going out to eat" because they think that makes them cool
and also "going out to eat" sounds lame I guess
"Yo bro dude les go dig up some grub mannn"
"yo no bro, dude, I gotta go fr dude"
"mannn u suck"
by Articulatoryn00bthe// January 25, 2019
Tyrone: Yo g dig up
Ed da mma masta: nm boss u?
by SWERUPFAMDATSPIK November 28, 2013
can be used in place of 'wagwan'
Darell: Dig up nigga
Raekwon: Ey you bless fam?
D: Am cool blud, come we bounce
R: Swer
by dtizzle990s November 28, 2013
The idiom "Digging Up Bones" refers to someone dwelling on a long-past relationship which he/she regrets losing.
Breaking up with a significant other and thinking about all the good times you shared together on Valentines Day or their Birthday etc. would be considered "Digging Up Bones."
by Seek Orion May 9, 2009
To "Dig up the past" would be to reflect on the past or to bring up something of the past up in conversation which may not always be appropriate depending on the topic being spoken about.
"Ralph decided to dig up the past and say that he had remembered how he went hunting with a friend illegally, to a police officer."
by Nerd person October 31, 2013
The act of rigorous male masterbation, leading to a blister on the palm.
1. Mate, how’d you get that scar? 2. Beth’s been out of commission for 4 days so I was digging up the leeks.
by Craig2infrance May 27, 2018
When you and your friends/homies have some serious facts that could possibly end someone's social life, you have "dirt." "Digging up dirt" simply means you are sharing that "dirt" with others.
"Digging up dirt" means sharing juicy information with others. EX: "Y'all, grab ya shovels I got some serious dirt."

"Oh snap, we're about to dig up some dirt"
by Sierrahmist July 19, 2016