n., a used car gifted to a college student but that formerly belonged to a formerly living relative. Easily recognizable by its vast size and American make. Originated at the University of Virginia in the 90's. Also known as "dead relative", "dead grandpa", or "dead uncle".
Josh, your 1985 Lincoln Town Car is clearly a dead grandma. It takes up 2 spaces in the dorm parking lot and smells of thanatopsis.
by Fire Me Hotly May 27, 2009
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A term used in a aggressive manner to display your passion in the truth of what you are saying or doing. It is a very escalated version of on my grandma. Not only is it on a grandma, it is yours...and she's dead. (currently or predestined)
Jefferson: On yo dead grandma you not doing that shit.

dinkle: *cries* you right.
by KevOnGod May 4, 2021
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When you soak your hand in ice water till it turns wrinkly cold and numb and then masterbate with that hand.
Was feeling real bored last night and gave myself a dead grandma....I really miss her.
by Hahaha bad February 9, 2022
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