When you hang a third trimester pregnant woman up by her wrists, place a bucket underneath her, and beat her repeatedly with a baseball bat. The sludge that falls in the bucket is mung.
"You cost me too much money kid, I shoulda made mung outta ya."
by Penetr8 September 14, 2008
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"Munging" to mung- is the act of 4 or more males digging up and fornicating with a dead female corpse each of which ejaculate inside the cadaver. after everyone has finished the smallest or weakest of the group positions his mouth on the cadavers vaginal area. as the heaviest of the group bounces or jumps on the cadavers pelvic and/or abdominal area. as this occurs all the maggots, ejaculate, em bombing fluid and any other liquids left brewing in the cadavers stomach will be forced out all of the major and miner orifices in said corpse. the most prominent of which being the vagina as this happens the lucky one with his mouth placed over the vagina will then ketch all the liquids maggots ejaculate ect. in his mouth and attempt to swallow it if the boy fails to swallow the majority of the liquids he will then be pummeled and/or killed.
"You better swallow that mung Alex."
by ACID THE INJECTOR September 28, 2007
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Crud. A nasty substance, perhaps a deviation of "dung".
Oooooo. It's got mung on it!
by Mike Briant May 13, 2005
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When you press on a pregnant womans womb, lots of creamy yellow pus comes out of the vagina. It tastes like peanuts.
Evelyn: I'm starting to produce mung

Daisy: Ahh thats nice!
by Buttfukka June 06, 2009
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A modified, and very special form of Extra Spearmint sugar free chewing gum. The modification involves adding the simple inscription 'MUNG' with horizontal lines above and below to the face of the chewing gum packet before it is opened, in permanent black marker pen. Mung is far superior to ordinary chewing gum.

This type of Mung bears no relation to other definitions of the word such as the bean or the unpleasant liquid substance.
That curry made my breath smell, do you have any Mung?
by Tommy d of Broadstairs December 22, 2006
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