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A acronym for We All Die Anyways. Synonym for YOLO and FISH.
John: Lets go bungee jumping.
Kyle: Alright....WADA.

Cheung: You are a little bitch.
Trent: Fuck you cuh WADA
by Wu_Tang_Cheung June 27, 2012
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A ghetto way of saying/spelling water
"I want some wada." The boy said to his mom
"Use propper english boo, you mean water." the mom replied
by DaSugahoneyIceTea September 18, 2005
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pigin (hawaiian slang) for easy, like nothing, no challenge. derived from the word "water"
brah you know dat one chick from last night. I when tax um like wada

brah my car do 160 like wada
by JCdoitharda September 25, 2010
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to be off that dead people's fluid, usually put on a blunt, or cigarette, mostly used in the dallas, texas area, already
man I'm so throwed, leaning hard, my people's gave me a blunt dipped in that wada, you off that wada haha.
by tajaun brown May 06, 2004
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The BAMF (bad ass mother fucking) way to say water. This words origins are believed to have started at Mountain View High School.

Also known to be used in the word "WAD-A-HELL" in place of "what the" as a play on the pronunciation of Wada.
WAD-A-HELL, WADA-Fountain, WADA-Gun, WADA-Rocket
by Peeda September 15, 2008
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