–verb (used without object)
1. to gracefully cancel an obligation last minute.

1. As excited as I am to see you tonite, sadly I need to mullane.
by Bay Knuhatts August 2, 2007
queer homo who likes getting raped and he knows my rhymes is better than his
dan rapes riley and riley likes it,
by Sizzler April 7, 2004
A mullan is a very cool man, that plays sport and go out a lot.

"i think Daniel is a mullan"
"yeah, i agree"
by Davish January 12, 2008
An overweight and lazy compulsive masturbator with little or no intellectual ability and lacking the communicative skills of normal new-borns. Often seen with spiders/caps on their heads.
Danny: Mullan's a right Hun, isn't he?
Dave: Yes he is.
Jaymee: I agree.
Red Ranger: Definitely is.
Paddy: Affirmative
Gut: I'm overweight too...
by Dave the Great December 13, 2004
A person of which everyone, and i mean everyone, dipises, not because of thier bad nature but becuase they are very, very fat.
"Oh my god that mullan is blocking my view."
"your view of what?"
"Every thing!"
by Willy Ed January 30, 2008
Pubic hair of a female growing inside the of cliterous.
Example 1:
Joe: Hey man did you hook up with that chick last night?
Luke: Yeah, I did, but i went down on her and she had a nasty mullan!!!
Joe: Thats fucking nast!!

by Shiashashisha April 26, 2009