1. The Red Ranger is typically the leader of the Power Rangers team.

2. The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger aka Jason, is the ultimate Red Ranger of all time.

3. The Actor who played Jason the Red Ranger, is not gay and has never done any homosexual pornography. He is a paramedic.
Smosh: Red Ranger!

Ian: Dude! The Red Ranger is my favorite ranger!

Anthony: He's everyone's favorite ranger!
by iamtrinity November 05, 2009
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"You ate her cherry cobbler last night didnt you? You are such a red ranger.
by N.C. December 19, 2005
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The act of stabbing someone in the gut. Typically with a sword but any sharp object will do.
Jason: Did you hear what Ricky did? He stabbed his roommate in the gut.

Tommy: Damn!
Jason: Yeah. Guy bled out. He's dead.
Tommy: Damn. He red rangered his ass.

OtakuJuan: You know what I like about the red ranger from Liveman, Yusuke Amamiya?
WeeabooTu: What?
OtakuJuan: In the final battle against the boss, he didn't engage in a long and drawn out fight. He just simply stabbed the boss in the gut with his sword.
OtakuTu: Trollololol! He's the best red senshi evar!
by The Anticlown February 03, 2015
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Its when you get you asshole ripped by a huge dick. The founder of this name. It was originally founded in Cobleskill New York.
Katrina is the Ass Ripping Ms. Red Ranger
by A Big Black Penis February 01, 2008
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A person who is in the habit of giving red sock to people. Usually a person who is a maintenance supervisor, and whos sexuality is in question.

May also like cats and bees.
C dub has another red sock again. That darned Red Sock Ranger needs to give him a break.
by Red Sock Ranger August 11, 2006
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(Noun) The name given to the female participant in a fourseome who is on her period.

(Verb) - To RPR someone is to : - Call up a girl on her period and put her in a room full of three guys and have sex with her till everyone has had an orgasm either on her or in her.
Aymmar - "Dude how was sex with Jessica last night?"
Chris - "It sucked, she was a total Red Power Ranger"
Frankie - "Oh man, that sucks."
Chris - "I knew she was on her period she was grumpy as a baboon with a cist on it's ass"
by EdinieDePoPo June 19, 2011
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1.) A homosexual male from central Oklahoma, characterized by its red dirt.
2.)can be used as an insult when used correctly, and is often comedic using its alliteration as a tool.
Person 1: ...duh...yo mama...
Person 2: Okay, you talk WAAAY too much smack for someone who never says anything, you freaking red dirt rump ranger!
by 3Dradio May 17, 2006
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