Money $$$
i have tonz of Mulla
by B March 7, 2003
money especially in cash
originated from sheng in nairobi,kenya
girl; am hungry, buy me some lunch sweetheart

guy; we gotta go home, there you can eat, don hav mullas now sweatheart.
by joe69m September 13, 2013
Mula is rwandan slang created by hip hop artist Young t.g official, and it means money.
by Young T.G January 31, 2020
Dude 1 : I Hate You!
Dude 2: Well You Mulla !

Dude 1: How Dare You !? Take That Back
Dude 2: No.
by Riley123456789 August 4, 2009
When a guy wraps his penis in money. Then he sitcks his money covered dick in a womans vagina. Then when you're done, you go buy condoms with the used "mulla".
Dude, I had mulla sex with Miranda last night. And the clerk actually excepted the money!!
by hey222 January 18, 2009
The mulla wulla is an ancient ritual drug found deep in the valley of the great ulla dulla.

When affected by the mulla wulla people have a strong tendency to revert back to the ancient mulla wulla language.
The term mulla wullad is most commonly used to describe someone affected by the mulla wulla
Fuck, check out that bloke, he has been mulla wullad!
by Cheif wulla October 21, 2014
The best motha fucking rapper in Rhode Island
Mulla Man is a younging from providence working with YoungNWealthy as a team heading to the top.
by MasterPeace216 March 14, 2017