1:) Something someone says when they care about you.

2:) Something someone says when they truly wish you were dead.
1:) i hate u, lol

2:) i hate you, go step on a lego and trip and fall in a hole, preferably a grave.
by Devil's.angel February 21, 2019
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The fundamental opposite of I Love You. Though this can be used without necessarily feeling the lack of love for an individual, usage within a relationship can and will cause the counterpart to instantly lose all interest in you instantly.

Usage outside a relationship, however, can have some positive effects. For instance, an annoying individual who hangs around you against your choice could be the receiving end of "I Hate You", and then likely find another individual to bother.
Man: I hate you because you slept with my uncle's girlfriend's third step-brother in-law's baby sister's great grandfather's son's daughter's friend's brother. D<
Wife: ... isn't that you?
Man: ... Oh, right.
by Zigbigidorlu January 15, 2007
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Could mean that the person saying it to you actually really dislikes you or depending on your relationship with that person and what happened it could mean that they love you and care about you.
P1: I hate you! I wish you never existed!
(Scenario of the first definition)

(P2 did something stupid that could have hurt them)
P1: I hate you! You idiot..
(Scenario of the second definition)
by Sarah Pigeons March 19, 2021
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Probably the most honest three words you will speak to your ex but three words you don’t have the balls to say to your ex
Karen: I hate you!
Underpaid intern: I hate you to
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what you say to someone when you're too scared to tell them you actually love them! you try to cover up your feelings by pretending you feel the opposite to love...
Carol: i hate you!!!!
Jared: awww whyy?? =(

Carol thinks: i could never hate you, i just hate that i cant tell you i love you!

Carol: hate=love, ihy=ily
Jared: hate cant equal love!
Carol: it does when i say it to you...
by xXx_Carol_xXx June 1, 2009
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